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15316 Huebner Rd. #300, San Antonio, TX  78248   210-479-5853  

Vineyard Christian School

At Vineyard Christian School of San Antoinio (hereinafter VCS) we believe that students are born complete with abilities, talents and a sense of purpose that validate his or her individuality. We believe that the development of a complete, strong, healthy child is based on a spiritual foundation, strong and secure family ties, and an education that would enhance and strengthen the student's full potential. These can be attained by exposing the child to challenging and educational experiences. VCS will partner with family and church to strengthen the spiritual life of each student. If we work together to provide these three elements, each student at VCS will grow to be successful. In an effort to provide a path for your child’s success, our professionally trained and qualified staff will provide quality care, education, and spiritual guidance.

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