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The Bilingual Child Academy

BCA is dedicated to providing language enrichment classes in a learner centered environment by implementing a carefully selected curriculum and creating a nurturing atmosphere where children of all ages can flourish both socially and emotionally in a global world. The children served by The Bilingual Child Academy will be surrounded with experiences that will foster physical, social, academic, emotional, cultural and cognitive growth to build a community of learners for the future.

Our Vision

Our Vision is founded on the advantages of growing up multilingual and promoting a community of bilingualism. We believe that children learn languages easily early in life, and knowing a second language is a huge advantage later in life. BCA is committed to providing children with an environment that fosters enthusiasm for learning and language acquisition in a hands-on, child centered, culturally rich environment. BCA’s developmentally appropriate Dual language & immersion (English-Spanish) curriculum will help develop school readiness, exposure to cultural diversity, self awareness, and social and emotional well-being so that preschool children can feel capable, connected, important and independent. BCA’s dedication to children extends to school-age learners who are at a perfect age to enrich their lives through language and cultural learning in order to build a community of learners which extends beyond the world they know.

“ Planting Seeds of Learning & Creating a World of Inspiration”

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