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117 East French Place, San Antonio, TX  78212   210-733-7331  

Summer at the Academy

The reputation of SAA’s summer enrichment classes continues to extend well beyond French Place, enrolling over 1,​600 students, who travel from across the U.S. — including Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Virginia, and Florida — to beyond international borders from as far away as Turkey, England, Hong Kong, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Korea, and Mexico.

Much of the program’s success can be attributed to the many talented instructors who offer a diverse array of over 400 classes, and also to the support of the summer staff: Brendan Moore, James Pellman and Yulanee McKnight, who with the help of a dedicated group of counselors, are able to produce a fun and memorable program year after year.

June 6 - July 29, 2016

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