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11210 Disco, San Antonio, TX  78216   210-495-2787  

San Antonio School for the Performing Arts

SASPA, the San Antonio School for the Performing Arts was founded in 1984 by Nancy Grossenbacher with two major goals-to provide a quality foundation in the performing arts for those who desire the arts as a career and to instill and perpetuate a genuine appreciation of the arts in our youth, thereby nurturing the artistic growth of San Antonio for future generations. Now directed by Scott M. Conway the school has three state of the art sprung hardwood floors with multi-level barres and mirrors throughout. One studio has a marley flooring overlay while the other two studios have the flooring exposed for tap and beginning level classes. The largest studio can be converted into a seventy seat theater for student performances. In addition there are dressing rooms, music rooms, lobby, kitchen and several offices.

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