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6925 Sunbelt Dr. East, San Antonio, TX  78218   210-826-4296  

Olympia Gymnastics

Olympia provides a fun and positive environment for each and every student. We utilize the most current teaching techniques and emphasize the fundamentals of gymnastics with safe, accurate skill progressions.

It’s all about being safe, having fun, and learning gymnastics.

Many of Olympia’s customers drive in from out of town each week, or from across town for a 1 hour class!


Olympia’s staff returns year after year. The Olympia instructors are knowledgeable, energetic, professional and most importantly, great with kids. Each summer they look forward to coaching summer camps and each fall they look forward to having all their classes back. Happy coaches make the difference in how well a program runs. Come see it for yourself.

The gym has many talented competitive gymnasts and cheerleaders that have attended for years, yet Olympia is also filled with children that are happy to come once a week and learn the basics. Olympia keeps classes small and runs a 9-week session. This longer session enables the staff to really get to know your child.

Most incoming fall students stay with their coach and classmates through the entire school year. The staff can really keep a group of children moving after getting to know their skill level and desire to progress.

Students progressing at a faster rate are always given the opportunity to move on and really begin to work hard! Competitive gymnastics is a four day a week commitment, while competitive cheerleading begins at three days a week. Phone the gym for training times if you’d like to come observe.

The gym continues to retain large numbers of children that compete in other sports as well. These are the super all-around athletes looking for an edge in their own sport. This edge can be found in gymnastics, even coming to train just once a week!

Olympia is also wonderfully clean. Many folks work many hours each week to maintain the standard of cleanliness Olympia requires.

When choosing a gym for your child Olympia is a wonderful place to start for so many reasons.

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