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My Child is Struggling in School

We send our children off to Kindergarten with excitement and hope for this new stage of life. When we are told our child is "not progressing" or "falling behind," we typically feel worried, confused, and maybe frustrated. Most parents assume educators will take care of learning problems. We assume they have the answers.

I understand how concerned you are if your child is struggling in school. It's important that you are proactive right away. Your child may have dyslexia or a learning disability (LD). Don't wait! Ask your school in writing for a formal evaluation, and ten they have 30 days to test your child. After the eval, there will be a meeting to discuss the results and plan of action. Remember YOU are the parent and the most important person in your child's life. Follow you gut, say what you want for your child, and be strong for your child.

Keep reading and talking with others. Your child's pediatrician, learning centers, and other parents may have helpful information. Stay positive. Don't give up! You child is depending on you!

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Wasant at December 17 2015

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